Is there any ID out there?

Who hasn’t heard about it – the cookie and identity crisis in the programmatic and ad tech industry? To talk about this topic we invited Joanna Burton, Chief Strategy Officer of ID5. Joanna has an extensive background in advertising and has worked on the agency side, the publisher side and for several tech platforms, DSPs, SSPs, and DMPs. Who better to have this conversation with?

Revolution DSP

We spoke with Cadie Jones, Commercial Director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Beeswax, about the progress of the DSP market. We already talked about the purpose of DSPs for agencies and brands (Agency & DSP together in perfect harmony?) and are looking forward to hearing Cadies’ opinion on the topic.

Ads don’t cry

We had a much-needed conversation about the ads’ role in an era of adblockers, first-party data hunting, and data-collection consent with Rotem Dar, Director of Media Operations at eyeo. Rotem gives us a fresh point of view of the future of programmatic advertising, both for advertisers and publishers.