Technology is important, but people are more.

Adrian Knoll

Founder & CEO


Araceli Muñoz

Client Success Manager


Manuela Maftei

Programmatic Advertising Specialist


Angelika Kopp

Digital Advertising Specialist



People are our most valuable asset. We worked hard on defining how we want to hire, develop and maintain people, in order to be able to attract the best ones.

When we recruit, we have one main guiding principle: Personality > Skills.   We believe that people should be hired based on their personality and values first, and their skills second. So we only hire people we believe can have an expo­nentially positive effect on the team, the business, and our clients. We don’t like Keyboard-monkeys, and we have a strict “no-assholes” policy.

In order to create the right environment to attract and maintain our people,

we offer the following conditions:

Life Balance:

We don’t believe in Work/Life ba­lance. We believe in a balanced life, and work is just one part of life. Which is why we work smart and hard, but not linear. 09:00 – 18:00 is an arbitrary timeframe that means nothing to us. We focus on making our clients and ourselves happy, by defining our terms for that.

Best Equipment:

We work with Apple products ex­clu­sively. Not only does it reduce hard­ware friction, it also offers the best-operating condi­tions for our remote team.

Salary & Incentives:

We believe that the best employees are well paid, and are both mentally and physically healthy. We try to sup­ply as many conditions as possible to facilitate that: