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This is the Homepage of IndieAd. We offer programmatic media buying and campaign management services for your clients, against your technology, data or inventory.
Adtech, Advertising Technology, Programmatic Media Buying, Data, Inventory
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We’re IndieAd.

(Yap, that [Noun+Ad] formula still works) 

Are you an adtech company (tech, data, inventory, agency)? 

If so, keep going.

are you looking for … ?

(don’t lie. we’ve done research.)

more focus

more clients

more revenue

 if so, we totally should hook up!


we offer programmatic media buying and campaign management services for your clients, against your technology, data or inventory. 

what else is new?  a lot, actually. This is how we roll:

“bidding in the name of…”

our services are white-label (or not, you choose). We’re not ashamed of who we are. On the contrary, we’re proud enough to let you stand in the spotlight! We operate as your internal unit, blend into your internal processes and find the most efficient way to execute to them.

“master of margins”

we offer our services with 100% Transparency  —> media and data budgets are used for those purposes exclusively. We charge for service only, which means we only make money for work we actually do. We believe it’s a sustainable model that increases trust, prevents price inflation and makes everyone happier.

“and Adtech for all”

we do not have minimum media booking fees. (indeed smartass, there is a min. service fee, but that’s because some work has to be done, regardless of the budget). We’re here to support your clients‘ media buying needs, regardless of their size.

“pretty fly for an ad-guy”

we believe in service excellence. Delivering the best results isn’t enough anymore, experiences matter. We focus on both.
Happy clients > happy excel reports.

That’s it. 

We call it: Adtech As A Service.


mic drop

guitar solo


it’s moving too fast. I want to get to know you better first >

I want...